#LittleBlackSwissBook an art project by Pablo Zarate.

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Fine Arts
In December of 2013 I was on a holiday in Switzerland.
While wandering around in old town of Zürich, I entered to a Hotel (or at least it seemed like a hotel) where I found a little black book laying over a dusty table.

The pages of this tiny book are all in German —a language that I don’t speak— and it contains some photographs as well.

This unreadable and yet simple book seduced me to “vandalize” their pages and transform it into something else.

This experiment quickly became one of my favourite art projects of my career. From the pages of this book, I selected and curated the best ones and I designed posters to everyone to enjoy.

These are the results of my #LittleBlackSwissBook.
Prints are available thru my Society6 Shop. Don't forget to grab your copy!

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